2015 CEO Survey: Committing to Digital




Gartner’s 2015 CEO and Senior Executive Survey finds that growth is the priority and technology is a primary tool, but the need for deep, structural change is not yet fully recognized.



Key Findings

  • Most CEOs expect positive business conditions and accelerating technology innovation.

  • Twenty-five percent of CEOs cite technology-related issues in their top business priorities for 2015 and 2016.

  • Digital revenues will double to 41% by 2019; 63% of CEOs will increase technology investment in 2015.

  • Ninety-five percent of CEOs do long-term planning, mostly five to 15 years; 75% do very long term planning.

  • Two-thirds of CEOs say their enterprises are involved in industry-level digital initiatives.

  • Only a third of CEOs are changing their business models, in the next three years.

  • Most CEOs have improved the digital capability of the board and C-suite, or will do so by 2016.

  • Two-thirds of CEOs think their IT departments are up to the tasks ahead.

  • Customer-facing tech investments are most important, with the Internet of Things rising rapidly.

  • CEOs’ security and risk concerns are rising, including the impact of artificial intelligence.


  • CEOs must drive digital more deeply into strategic and business model change.

  • CIOs should drive technology-related change thinking into long-term planning.

  • CIOs should amplify every C-suite, board and industry digital change that CEOs make.

  • CIOs should seize on CEOs’ rising interest in the Internet of Things early.

  • CIOs should “fix the roof while the sun is shining,” as CEOs’ tech belief is at a peak.

  • CEOs and CIOs should collaborate to jolt the executive team out of cyber-risk complacency.